CAP (Centre for Art and Philosophy) is an interdisciplinary research platform based at the Faculty of Philosophy of the Erasmus University Rotterdam. Most of its members have been or are still working at the department as lecturers, researchers or affiliates.

A New Dawn - 24 May (in collaboration with Artez Studium Generale)


In collaboration with CAP members Robin van den Akker and Timotheus Vermeulen, ArtEZ studium generale presents an extraordinary line-up of internationally renowned speakers and artists –  with a keynote by Tobias Revell (futurist UK), a wake-up call by Laura van Dolron (stand-up philosopher NL) and a diverse range of workouts packed with powertalks, idea injections and sparkling new perspectives.

Participating thinkers and doers include:  Tod Machover (composer, inventor USA), Next Nature (Hendrik-Jan Grievink NL), Ulf Aminde (visual artist, theatre maker D), Nicole Beutler & Jessica Helbach (choreographer & costume designer NL), Rob Voerman (visual artist NL), Michiel Schwarz & Diana Krabbendam (sustainist thinkers & designers ),  Saskia van Drimmelen & Margreet Sweerts (fashion designers), John-Paul Flintoff (journalist, film maker, auteur UK), Charles Avery (visual artist, writer UK), Wunderbaum (actors collective NL), Willem van Schinkel (sociologist NL), Katja Gruijters (food designer NL) and many more. 

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